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The 40 hadiths (An Nawawi) (new edition)

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The 40 hadiths (An Nawawi) (new edition)

Says Allah Most High: “O My servants, it is your deeds that I will take into account and reward you. Thus, whoever finds good should glorify God, and whoever finds something completely different will only have himself to blame” (Muslim)

Selected by Imam an-Nawawi is one of the best known of the small collections of hadith. 
Italian-Arabic bilingual edition, 144 pages.

Introduction by Imam an-Nawawi

Praise be to God, the Lord of the Worlds, the Eternal, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earths, the Disposer of all creatures, who sends all Messengers to men (God's blessing and peace be upon them) with the task of guiding them and revealing religious laws to them with precise signs and clear proofs. It is to Him that I address my praises for all His gifts and it is to Him that I ask to grant me even more His Grace and Generosity-
I testify that there is no God but Allah, the One, He has no like nor associate, the Invincible, the Generous, the Gracious. And I testify that our Lord Muhammad is His Servant and His Messenger, His beloved and Beloved, the best among creatures, the one who has been honored with the precious Qur'an, the miracle that perpetuates through time, and with the Sunna, which are light on the path of believers; our Lord Muhammad, who was favored with comprehensive speech and tolerant religion, may God's blessing and peace be upon him, upon others
Prophets and Messengers and upon all their families and upon all pious people. According to what has been transmitted to us by Ali ibn Abi Taleb, Abdullah ibn Masud, Muaz ibn Giabal, Abu'd-Darda, ibn Omar, ibn Abbas, Anas ibn Malek, Abu
Huraira and Abu Said al-Khudri (may Allah be pleased with them), through many chains of transmitters and in various versions, the Messenger of Allah (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) said: «Whoever learns to memory and preserves for my community forty Hadith concerning his religion, Allah will resurrect him on the Day of Judgment in the ranks of jurists and Ulemas".
Another version says: "Allah will resurrect him as a wise jurist." In Abu'd-Darda's version we read: "On the Day of Judgment I will be an intercessor and a witness for him." In ibn Masud's version it is found: "It will be said to him: Enter Paradise from whatever door you wish." In ibn Omar's version it says:
«He will be included in the ranks of the Ulema and reunited with the ranks of the martyrs». However, Hadith scholars agree that this Hadith is weak, despite its numerous chains of transmission.
The Ulema (may Allah be pleased with them) have composed innumerable works in this field. As far as I know, the first of these was Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak, followed by ibn Aslam at-Tusi, the scholar of the transcendent, then by al-Hasan ibn Sufyan an-
Nasai, Abu Bakr al-Agiuri, Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn
Ibrahim al-Asfahani, ad-Daraqutni, al-Hakem, Abu
Nuaim, Abu Abd ar-Rahman as-Sulami, Abu Said al-Malini, Abu Uthman as-Sabuni, Abdullah ibn Mu-hammad al-Ansari, Abu Bakr al-Baihaqi and countless others, both among the ancients and among the contemporaries. I invoked Allah's guidance in bringing together 40
Hadith, following the example of these eminent Imams and
Guardians of Islam. The Ulema agree that it is permissible to put into practice a weak Hadith as long as it involves virtuous actions. However, it is not on this Hadith that I rely, but on what the Prophet (God's blessing and peace be upon him) said in the Hadith Sahih:
«Whoever among you was a witness, inform whoever is absent». And again: «May Allah make radiant whoever heard what I said, understood it and transmitted it as he heard it».
There were some Ulema who collected forty Hadith on the fundamental principles of the religion, on secondary topics or on Gihad, and others on asceticism, on rules of conduct or on sermons. All these are pious pursuits and may Allah be pleased with those who pursued them.
I, however, found it more important to bring together forty Hadiths that encompass all these topics.
you; each of these Hadith represents one of the great rules of the religion and is defined by scholars as "a cornerstone of Islam" or "half of Islam" or "a third of it", and so on. I also intended to establish that these forty Hadiths are authentic and that most of them are found in the two collections (Sahih) of al-Bukhari and Muslim. I report them without mentioning the chains of transmitters to facilitate learning and make them of greater benefit, if God so wills; I add a chapter to them to explain what is hidden in them. Every person who aspires to the future life must know these Hadiths for the importance of the topics covered and for the suggestions they provide on all forms of obedience. And this is clear to anyone who reflects on it.
I rely on Allah, I entrust everything to Him and I entrust myself entirely to Him. Praise and grace belong to Him and in Him is success and protection.

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