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The messages of the Quran!

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The messages of the Quran! Are you ready to receive them?

You are ready to adopt the Book as the basis of your project and as the substance of your action and path in terms of recitation, education/purification, learning and teaching.

of shaykh Dr. Farid Al Ansârî

page 80

You are ready to adopt the Book as the basis of your project and as the substance of your action and your path in terms of acting, education/purification, learning and teaching!

Do you strive to absorb the realities of the Qur'an, to test your heart according to its standards, and to expose to its light the recesses of the evil side of your soul? Do you take the initiative to organize Quranic assemblies like those of the Companions of the Prophet and their pious successors?

And so that we can train preachers who will save people who are drowning in pools of lust and fallacious niceties!

Do you make an effort to meditate on the Quran? Do you carry out this spiritual and intellectual action which is within the reach of every man endowed with reason and which consists in looking at the end of the verses and their consequences in the soul and in society?

O servant of Allah, know that you will succeed in all this only if you dedicate your effort exclusively to your Creator and if your intention is to please Allah it is Him alone.

These are some glimpses of clairvoyance that emerge from this beautiful book by Shaykh Farîd Al-Ansârì and which constitutes the quintessence of his reform project based on the Koran. Success depends only on Allah. Peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad - his family, his Companions and the pious who followed them.


In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. Peace and blessings of Allah be upon our master Muhammad, his fa-sentia, his companions and those who followed them in good works until the Day of Judgment.

Here are the Quranic messages that Shaykh Farid Al-Ansari sent to his followers and admirers via the website shortly before presenting himself at the Supreme Abode. Through these messages he wanted to keep in touch with them and encourage them to attach themselves to this "rope" stretched from heaven which is the Koran, one end of which is in the hand of Allah while the other is in the hand of every pious servant who he grabbed.

These messages are truly eloquent, coming from the heart of a wise and devoted scholar and educator, a scholar who was sincere towards Allah who kept him on the path of sincerity, a scholar immersed in the Quran.

He dedicated a good part of his life to the Quran. As his colleague, the eminent scholar Ahmed Ar-Raysouni - may Allah protect him - said in an elegy addressed to his memory: «Through the Quran, he began to open doors and explore horizons... The Quran became the hallmark of its events, its assemblies, its language, its program, its poetry and its mystical way".

Two years ago, from his hospital bed in Turkey - Sama Hospital - my shaykh Farîd Al-Ansârì sent me a letter in which he addressed me with an exhortation as he used to do with his friends and his brothers in the faith. Here is an excerpt from that letter:

«...Know, dear brother, that every man is tested and it is only the patients on the Day of Resurrection who will be paid

*bull salary beyond all limits. On the other hand, whoever is not equal in the trials to which Allah subjects him is not worthy in His eyes. undertake the noble mission of preaching. I address these words here first to myself, then to you because I see you - by the will of A. lah - prepared for this eminent mission which consists in making people know Allah and inviting them to His noble face. What an honorable and excellent mission! If Allah tests you in your weaknesses, it is because you dedicate your being to Allah and Allah alone, so that no part of you is turned towards anyone else. Remember, in this regard, the story of Ibrahim sei with his son Beli. Welcome this letter with all your being, read the signs and consecrate yourself to your Lord!

Fear not, our shaykh! We are your disciples; we are committed to following your path and following your example, without changing anything and without going back; Allah is our ultimate goal, the Prophet Muhammad # is our guide and our motto are these words taken from the Quran: (I do not want to do otherwise than what I forbid you, I only want to correct you as much as I can.

My success is only in Allah, in Him I trust and to Him I return). (Hûd S.11, 88)

The devoted student of Shaykh Farîd Al-Ansârì,

Abdennasser Mohammed Al-Maqarri

Sunday morning, Rajab 29, 1431 Hijra

(July 11, 2010)

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