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Islam and modernity

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The aim of this book is neither blatant proselytism nor fierce anti-modernity as some followers of preconceived ideas might think. This is a remarkably innovative and constructive approach to the question of modernity. An originality that manifests itself in both form and substance.

At the level of form, the debate on modernity is based above all on the idea - supported above all by followers of progressivism - that there is a linear sense of history, an idea that allows any criticism of modernity to be accused of a retrograde struggle or an act reactionary, in the pejorative sense of the term. It must be said that, on the other hand, this idea is behind the rejections, sometimes irrational, which reject any progress. It is basically an exacerbated face-to-face conflict which, unfortunately, has sometimes resulted in violent battles throughout history. The author immediately distances himself from this posture: “Pose the question of Islam, no longer in terms of a rupture between men, no longer in terms of absolute hostility towards the West or clash of civilisations, but considering it as a helping hand for man, loving man, bearers of the Message of meaning and justice for man. ”. For him, humanity cannot tolerate such conflicts, while his ship risks sinking. (from the official presentation of the book)

page, 260

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