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The crisis of the Muslim mind

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What is the human being? What is the mind? what is divine revelation? How to restore the ability of the Muslim mind to ask the scientific and experimental "how" questions while remaining consistent with the awareness of the existence of the Creator of the universe"


There really is a substantial difference between, on the one hand, the mind of those who draw from the pool of secularism who see with lenses borrowed elsewhere and in whose cultural veins flow evolved philosophical currents closed in scientific proof, and on the other hand, the mind of other people? Isn't the mental constitution one for all human beings, whether they are intelligent and cultured or more or less illiterate? As for Revelation, psychologists and orientalists have discussed and classified it among paranormal pathological phenomena. I have not put psychologists in quotation marks, as it is a general reference to the deception of the jâhiliya' convinced that it has a scientific basis for its incoherent digressions. Men and women of faith instead possess what can guide them away from the digressions of the deaf and blind secular mind, which clashes like a bat with the light of Revelation, losing the compass even more. Believers have at their disposal the Book of the Most High God, the Creator of the human being, the One who shaped his faculties and who guides whoever He wants on the right path. From here begins the peculiarity of the believing mind and its substantial difference compared to the mind common to all human beings, compared to the speculative, self-sufficient, divinized mind, to the secular mind that organizes worldly affairs, and is veiled compared to the reality of 'Invisible (ghayb)', as it does not listen to the Revelation and does not perceive its light. It does not treat and receive from God, on the one hand, and the na that distinguishes between ba is the mind that believes and receives from God, on the one hand, and the secular mind on the other. It is instead a substantial distinction, not a question of classification, whereby the secular, philosophical mind is above, or below, the believing mind in terms of wisdom and intelligence. It is instead a qualitative difference. The secular, scientific mind finds ample space in thought and logical consideration regarding the cosmological sphere. However, when it tries to understand what is above its relevance, it loses in the oceans of philosophy, hypotheses and speculations. Unless this mind is helped by divine mercy which saves it from its drift and brings it back to the threshold of fitra (the natural condition)'°, where the illiterate man, remaining in his fitra intact and uncontaminated by parents and society , is on the same level as the philosopher who returned from his mental wanderings and his speculations. The threshold of fitra is, quite simply, the need for every creature to have a creator. A primary intuition of the human mind that philosophy demolishes and then dumps into the pile of assumptions, in this way the secular mind, afflicted by intuitive blindness, is ready to stupidly accept the idea of ​​having created itself. Darwin, the great philosopher , developed his theory and built his dogma by visiting the Galapagos Islands, where he was a student of a nature that had remained isolated from the continent for millions of years, and which had developed for itself its own model of life that maintained its fauna and flora ; "he developed for himself" according to his presumption and his blindness. The land lizard has evolved, over different eras, to equip itself with a pair of large lungs to be able to dive into the sea and feed on marine plants when land plants were scarce. Over long eras, the giant tortoise, Lady of the Galapagos, developed a lifestyle and livelihood that suited her natural environment. The turtle gave the islands their name: Galapago in Spanish means turtle. What had this cunning animal done with himself? Over the ages, it has developed for itself a long neck to reach the branches of plants that are usually far from the turtles. Darwin placed himself on the back of the turtle, his instructor, and the evolutionist doctrine was revealed to him, which he subsequently presented to the world. Then investigating the continents, their plains and their mountains, their deserts and their fertile regions, he observed that the law of evolution is common to nature: which builds itself, develops for its members limbs and organs that adapt to the ever-changing environment. This applies to Galapagos lizards and tortoises, desert insects, and ocean whales. This also applies to the monkey, which gradually evolved to stand upright. He used stone tools and developed his mind, enlarged his skull, increased the weight of his brain, his intelligence increased greatly, removed his hair, straightened his nose, straightened his body, pronounced words with grunts after gestures, then using one language and later multiple languages, and finally he developed the sciences and philosophy. In this way the philosophizing secular mind turns in a closed circle, having blocked every window and obstructed every channel, blinded its eyes and stopped its ears to listen to Revelation .

by Abdessalam Yassine

(translation by Brahim Baya)

116 pages

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