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Lessons on Islam – Practice, belief and spirituality

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“Applying the tools of systematic theology, Lessons on Islam weaves around the tripartite Islam-Iman-Ihsan, a complete exposition of the basis of Islamic studies, integrating primary sources, works of Islamology and classical and contemporary Islamic theology”

by Francesca Bocca-Aldaqre, theologian, professor of Arabic Language and Culture at the Humanitarian Society of Milan and of Theology at the Institute of Islamic Studies of Sesto San Giovanni. He directs the Averroes Institute in Piacenza.

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Presenting Islam as a religion, theology and culture cannot happen through a list of historical facts or the social circumstances that characterized it. Nor can a text which, like ours, directly compares itself with scriptural sources and therefore has a clear exegetical imprint. It is necessary to make clear, from the beginning, that our work is intended to be a first step towards a systematic Islamic theology. The reader who is not familiar with this discipline will find a more in-depth description in Chapter 3, the topic of which will be theology, while we hope that the theologian or Islamologist will find a useful key to understanding in this division.
Despite its theological vocation, this book is not intended to be a theology manual, but a text to illustrate to the reader the most important issues concerning Islam, such as its cult, legal schools, belief and spirituality. , according to a coherent and theologically motivated structure.
In other words, we wish to put the different aspects of Islam, as much as possible, in their place. This text was born, in fact, from a teaching experience at the Italian Institute of Islamic Studies: from the need to provide academic material both to young Muslims and to students of various university faculties; respond both to the need to describe spirituality and to show the evolution of the phenomena that led to today's Islam, the structure of the book was born
The different approaches that alternate in the book also arise from the heterogeneity of the students; it is necessary to include, in fact, what Islam thinks of itself, through its primary sources, the texts that have represented its pinnacle, and the academic tradition of Orientalism.

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