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Nakba - The Palestinian catastrophe of 1948

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"A land without people", this is the vision of Palestine spread by Zionist propaganda since the end of the 19th century... There is nothing further from the truth: Palestine was inhabited, full of life and beauty. This is demonstrated by the stories of old Palestinians who escaped the ethnic cleansing of Jewish terrorist gangs, period photos, documents...

The purpose of our historical notebook on the Nakba is precisely to clarify, to explain the origins of the injustice of which the people of Palestine are victims, and to refute Israeli propaganda.

In the appendix:
*a legal sheet by Aldo Bernardini prof. of International Law. of Teramo

*afterword by Fernando Rossi, former sen. of the Republic

62 illustrations


Islam presents itself in human history first and foremost as a religion, with its own experience of God. The name of God has an absolute centrality in the life and words of every Muslim.
God is present in all circumstances, even the most banal and everyday. God is the absolute reality around which the believer's entire life revolves. He is remembered and invoked with expressions that reveal how much and how his continuous presence was experienced.
Islam sees itself as the bearer of a religious message: the proclamation of the most absolute monotheism (tawhid), against any corruption or falsification. It is from here that one can perceive the Islamic vision of the world and of human destiny, and understand the deepest dynamics of its history.

Studying the theme of God in Islam, to which the theme of man is closely connected, means touching the original message of Islam, the strength of its historical existence and the lifeblood of its daily life; it means touching the deep feelings of every Muslim.
These pages explore the Islamic vision of the world from within to open paths of dialogue between the two religious traditions, Christianity and Islam.

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