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6 utili tips per creare uno stile personale vincente!

6 useful tips to create a winning personal style!

In previous articles we talked about the fact that our image, what we decide to wear, communicates something about us and , therefore, we have seen how with our style we reflect a certain personality.

But how can we build our own winning personal style that is consistent with who we are?

Does the style you are adopting not fully represent you or do you simply not like it? Would you like to improve it and be more cared for? Or are you in a phase of change and want to review your style?

Here you are 6 useful tips to build your personal style!


Colors, Islamic clothing

Did you know that there is a discipline that studies and analyzes our natural colors to identify our donor colors, i.e. those that give us brightness, make us appear more beautiful, young and healthy, enhancing our beauty to the fullest? It's about Armocromia ! Have you ever noticed that with certain colors on you you receive more compliments: "this color looks so good on you", "how bright you look today", "how beautiful you are this morning"! Well, it's not something to ignore , those are probably your best colors, which you should focus on for a fresher and brighter look! For an accurate and detailed analysis you need to contact image consultants, but you can also try to understand at least your undertone on your own and therefore more generally whether your colors are cold or warm. In fact, there are people with warm colors and people with cold colors.

Stand in front of a mirror and try to analyze your colors: what is your skin tone? The color of your eyes? And what about the hair? Do warm or cold colors dominate? You can test with veils to identify the undertone, which is what controls in defining whether you are a person with warm or cold colors. Place a silver veil and a gold veil on your head like a hijab or under your face. Or alternatively, fuchsia and orange. If your face looks brighter, fresher and younger with gold or orange colors then you will have warm undertones. If instead it is with silver or fuchsia then you have a cold undertone. On the other hand, colors that don't suit you will show you a more tired face, they will highlight dark circles, bags and expression lines , your face will be darker. We will then delve deeper into the topic of Armocromia , if you are interested, in future articles, as the subject is very vast.


Body, Woman, choice

This is useful for identifying your strengths and weaknesses and for making the most of our figure , beyond trends. For every body shape , in fact, there are more suitable garment models, which make us more beautiful and in which we are more comfortable. Mainly, it's a question of volumes and proportions ! For example, everything that is voluminous, prints, light colors, enlarge. While on the contrary, dark colors, tone on tone, soft fabrics help to slim and slim. Based on our physicality we will therefore have to choose which bees are suitable for us better by paying attention to the volumes to balance or counterbalance, creating the right proportions , defining the silhouette and enhancing our strengths and minimizing our weaknesses . All body shapes have strong and weak points and none are perfect or more beautiful, the trick is to learn to make the most of ourselves! On my Instagram profile you will find highlighted stories about body shapes , with advice for every body type . I will cover the topic in more depth here on the blog too.


Accessories, female, Islam

Another important step is to identify the items that make you feel yourself, at ease, regardless of trends. Each of us has favorite items in which we feel at our best, most beautiful. Identify them and focus on those for your personal style. Identify the details you like best. Accessories, or even the way of wearing the hijab , can play a fundamental role for a more personalized style. Identify the accessories that characterize you the most: it could be the hat, the necklaces and maxi , the colored bags, or even homemade bijoux . Experiment with new ways of wearing the hijab , try and try again in front of the mirror and identify what you feel is most yours , in which you see yourself most beautiful and which reflects your style . Here you could indulge yourself if you want a particular look, to stand out. If you manage to find your own distinctive trait, you are already halfway there ! It doesn't take much to give a new and fresh look to your style!

In the same way, also identify those items that do not represent you, even if you like them on others or that you would never wear, even if seen on your favorite fashion influencer. This awareness is also useful for creating your own personal style.

Vogue, inspiration, Modest fashion

Instagram, Pinterest, to name a few social platforms , can be great sources of inspiration. Follow some of the influencers who have a style you recognize and get inspired! Or again, browse fashion magazines and let your imagination run wild. Write down, photograph, screenshot the looks, the color combinations, the details you like most.

Hijab, clothing, style

Well, this is a very important step, even fun, if you do it in the right spirit. Throw everything you have in the wardrobe on your bed and divide everything into piles by product type (trousers, shirts, skirts, dresses , accessories , etc.).
And now... it's time to start cleaning! Like all women, you will be full of clothes that you have kept in your closet for years and that you don't wear anymore or you have never worn... still waiting for the right occasion or for them to come back into fashion, or still, in the hope of losing weight or to put on weight! Well, no more excuses... it's time to clean up now! This will also clear your mind and help you gain more clarity on what you have and what you like. Experience it as a positive action, to tidy up and be more organised. Put away everything you haven't used in the last year and only keep what you really like, what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. Identify the common elements of the items you keep, try to understand why you like them, for what details. This operation will be useful for shopping.

What you have decided to finally eliminate from your wardrobe you can give as a gift or give to charity if it is still in good condition. Or if you are a creative person with good manual skills, you can also retouch some garments by adding embroidery, beads, ribbons or even modifying the cuts, if you are practical. Look for ideas and tutorials on the web!

Finally, start reorganizing everything in the wardrobe by occasion of use or always by type of product, it depends on how you are most comfortable and on your personal needs.
If you have little space in your wardrobe, take a look at the Marie Kondo method , you will discover efficient space-saving solutions for optimal organization of your wardrobe.
You will see what a sense of lightness and satisfaction once this operation is completed! From now on you will open your wardrobe with more joy!


Lifestyle, choice, Muslim woman

Once you have a clearer idea of ​​what you have in your wardrobe, what styles and items predominate, what type of person you are and what your lifestyle is... you can start experimenting with new looks, starting from your own wardrobe, experimenting new pairings.

The reorganization operation will also have been useful for understanding what you are missing, what you need to perfect or create your style, therefore, you will subsequently be able to give yourself even shopping! If you still don't have a clear idea of ​​your style, try starting from the previous article "Tell me what style you have and I'll tell you who you are" and identify which styles you see yourself in the most and which ones you would like to learn more about.

The help of a friend or sister, perhaps sincere and good connoisseurs of style, can be very useful in this phase.

Try to get out of your comfort zone. Always keeping in mind your flattering colors and your physicality, have fun with the looks ... Experiment and have fun with fashion! Surprise yourself! Don't be boring, monotonous and one-color. Dare with that item that you would never have thought of wearing, but that you don't mind at all, try it and match it with different items and accessories until you find yourself... What do you say , you are remained surprises with the result ?


And never forget…

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Author: ThePoshSister

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