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Who we are

the inability to stop,
the desire to surpass oneself day after day,
being in competition with oneself
and a dream to come true;

We are Keltoum and Fatiha , fate decided to cross our paths in a meeting of a youth promotion association; GMI (Young Muslims of Italy) where we came into contact with many of our peers: young people, girls, Muslims of different backgrounds and cultures but with a shared need;

“A place dedicated to the Hijab

fashion and trends also change for Hijabistas and often in order to renew their style the girls were forced to return to their country of origin, or for emergencies they had to rely on foreign sites where language barriers represented an obstacle.

So we decided to make this commitment our own, opening what turned out to be the 1st modest fashion store in Italy , to shorten the road and facilitate the path for anyone who wants to make the Hijab their dress code.

Vision –

“If Muhammad ﷺ had been born in Europe,

he would have worn a tuxedo"

it is our reflection regarding the universality of Islam, which embraces any culture without denigrating its uses and customs, Islam is not linked to typical Arab clothes, there are Chinese Muslims who wear kimonos, Indian Muslims who wear saris, Muslims of everything the world who adapt their culture to the Islamic dress code without there being any contradiction.

We consequently think that if Muhammad ﷺ had been born in Europe and if the revelation had come here he would have adopted the same habits and customs of the environment around him and consequently he would have worn the tuxedo.

With the same vision we select the garments of our collections, paying close attention both to the fashion of the moment and to the precepts according to which Islamically correct clothing is based.

Mission -

"Small steps... are better than no steps"

From Cesena we chose Bologna as the starting point for our journey, the 35 square meter shop represents a small beginning for us given that we were able to count only and exclusively on our own strengths

In just a few months, however, we have achieved many small goals and with the same grit and determination we encourage girls like us every day to believe in themselves, roll up their sleeves and cement themselves in what they love most. We care so much about this aspect that we have decided to adopt as a USP the slogan "Small steps...They are better than no steps!"

Team Hijab Paradise -

Keltoum Kamal Idrissi

PR - Administration

Fatiha Mouradi

Social Media Marketing

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Cell: +39 331 906 3774

Address : Bologna, Via del Borgo di San Pietro 132/E