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Abbi il coraggio di crederci

Have the courage to believe it

What separates you from what you desire is only you

by Sumi


The first time I seriously questioned who I wanted to become was towards the end of high school. I confess that I have never been one of those little girls with clear ideas, because I have many ideas and for years I was convinced that I could only choose one. As the only criterion I had the probable answer to the question "but will they accept me with the veil?".

Woman, hijab, Muslim

I think asking myself that question was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I have reduced myself to appearance, or rather to how I appear, as if I were just that. I am not able to give you a detailed explanation of why I have done this disservice to myself, what I am sure of is that when there is only one narrative that dominates you, no matter how sure you may be that it does not correspond to reality at all , that remains engraved in your imagination as the way the majority sees and perceives you. If you are only and exclusively narrated as an external phenomenon, someone who does not belong to everything here, you end up believing it. Even more so when that whole thing is stereotyped down to the smallest detail and can only have a series of names and surnames, it is pragmatically of a single belief and physically it is described in a finite series of ways that do not correspond at all to all the somatic traits that human beings humans carry. I'm telling you all this because I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who has felt this way .


I can't tell you when I started to reclaim my narrative, nor the moment in which I acquired the skills. I definitely remember starting to read different stories and think more about the meaning of words. What I extrapolated from it is that I have never emigrated anywhere, I have never needed to integrate into Western society and I never will because it is the only society I have ever lived in . Thus, I understood there is not just one way to belong to the whole, our diversity is the guarantor of the state of freedom in which we live. Realizing all this gave me the courage to believe in all those ideas I had, to believe in my dreams and the strength to imagine myself in spaces where I have never seen people like me. What school has failed to teach us, but has always told us very timidly, is that history is made up of people who had the audacity to take a seat at tables where no place had ever been designated for them and redefine the standards unjust that someone else had placed for them. Because talent has nothing to do with ethnicity, religion or political affiliation and is the result of commitment and hard work, but before committing yourself, you need to forget what others think, put aside any uncertain future scenario and believe you can do it .


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