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Dimmi come ti vesti e ti dico chi sei

Tell me how you dress and I'll tell you who you are

Yep, how we choose to dress every day says a lot about us; such as mentioning who we are or specifying the moment in our life we ​​are going through.

Have you ever wondered what leads us to choose one item or accessory over another?

Among the myriad of answers that can be found, the most significant is only one:

"I like".

Although it appears to us as a natural and spontaneous action, it is actually full of meaning because this choice dictated by our personal taste, reflects our personality, our nature, our experience, our aspirations and our feelings.

In the professional field, for example, it is very important what we communicate about ourselves, to receive the right consideration. Depending on the roles and circumstances we must convey security, determination, authority, or even reliability and seriousness . In fact, with the right jacket you can convey authority and self-affirmation . A pearl necklace, on the occasion of a possible promotion, can be a winning choice for a woman who wants to convey reliability and seriousness .

The choice of look can confirm or undermine our attitude and intentions.

Try to visualize your wardrobe for a moment. Which colors predominate? What type of garments do you have, for which occasions?

If you have 80% of clothes for work, you are probably dedicating too much to the latter and very little to everything else.

The choice of color is also rich in meaning. Colors define our style and our attitude or, on the contrary, not choosing a color means distancing ourselves from certain meanings: each color conveys a precise message, arouses particular emotions. Blue, for example, communicates calm and tranquility. This is also the reason why in many professional fields the dress code requires the color blue, in fact it is associated with professionalism,
to seriousness and honesty.

Even beauty, make-up and hairstyle or the way we wear the veil say something about us. If we are imaginative or simple, bold or reserved people. Just as when we choose accessories we are also driven by a precise awareness of who we are, as well as by our personal taste and the trends of the moment.

The combination of all these elements and these decisions define our personal style.

By combining all these elements, we can convey a precise, distinguishable and balanced image, or we create the opposite effect and do not communicate a message that is defined and consistent with who we really are.
Our image is therefore our first business card , which influences the perception that people have of us, but it is also a tool to enhance ourselves, feel stronger and more confident, also influencing the perception we have of ourselves.

Specifically, when it comes to us Muslim women , I believe that working on our image is fundamental. First of all because it is also strongly recommended by our religion , taking care of our body and our appearance are part of faith. Allah is beautiful and loves beauty.
Furthermore, in the society in which we live, representing ourselves in the best possible way, for who we really are, becomes a responsibility and takes on an even more significant value, to overcome the many prejudices that surround us and the stereotypes that want to paint us as oppressed women, without character, succubi of man.

We express our personality and beauty in the best possible way through our choices of outfits and a refined and balanced, as well as modest, image. The veil we wear on our heads is the first thing that catches the eye when people look at us, and then the clothing that accompanies it, followed by our bearing and our way of speaking. Once we have gone beyond these, we focus on what we have to say, on the content, on the personality.

So why not simplify our lives to ensure that the other's eye goes beyond our Hijab and sees beyond the veil of prejudice?

Taking care of our appearance certainly benefits us in this.

Beauty brings hearts closer.

Now you're thinking... so what type am I? How can I identify and define my personal style?

Stay tuned… we'll talk about it in the next articles!


Author: ThePoshSister

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