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Dimmi il tuo stile e ti dico chi sei

Tell me your style and I'll tell you who you are

Tell me your style and I'll tell you who you are

Have you ever thought about what kind of style you have and if it really represents you?

In this article I will give you several clues to help you identify your style and discover which personality is associated with it. In reality, you will be able to recognize yourself in one or more styles, precisely because each of us has a personality with different facets. Furthermore, nowadays, even for fun, different styles are mixed together, we have fun with fashion. However, there will always be a dominant style that will represent you more than the others. So you could be a woman with a romantic style, but also have a rock soul that you don't always show or communicate minimally or only on some occasions, but it too belongs to you.

Therefore, I propose this game to you: once you have identified the style you feel you belong to, check whether it actually matches your personality.

When what we communicate with our style is not consistent with who we are or is even in conflict, we are probably experiencing a period of confusion or we are in the midst of a change or, again, it is time to better understand who we are and what we want communicate about us to others. We must therefore review our style and rebalance our image. The moment we find this balance, we also find ourselves, we are more satisfied and confident.

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in what you wear? Not recognizing yourself in a certain outfit?

In presenting the different styles, I will refer to the method of Style Coach Carla Gozzi , which involves reading clues and details (colors and patterns, accessories, make-up, clothes we wear) to recognize the style of each of us.


Are you a woman who loves black, silver, leather and statement buckles? Are biker jackets and bikers among the items that can't be missing from your wardrobe? Do you like strong make-up, such as smokey eyes or can't you do without black eye pencil? Do you prefer red or black colors for your lips and nails? can't help but be a ROCK woman.

Yours is a strong and decisive character, you do not go unnoticed and you are always ready to attack or defend, you are a passionate woman who follows her own inclinations. But, be careful…. the display of signs such as studs, chains, could be nothing more than a defense shield to protect you from others, from external threats, to hide your insecurities. Even if you actually have a strong and confident personality, when you are attacked you may show your more fragile side.


Do you love making your own jewelery and do you love handcrafted jewelery or semi-precious stones? Do you like playing with your image and do you love strong, bright colors and patterns? Are your bags and shoes creative and eccentric? Is your make-up mostly natural, blended and colored for cheeks and lips?

Yours is a CREATIVE, unique and refined style . You are a person who pays attention to details, who loves to dare and break the rules in his own way. You really love socializing and interacting with others, you stand out in the group and can easily drag others along. Your main gift is creativity, which allows you to find solutions and ideas to difficult situations and cases. You are a bright, surprising and free woman with an open and confident temperament. You are one of those people who either love or hate each other, half measures are not for you.


Do you particularly love pastel colours, floral prints, light lace and embroidery? Can't you do without ballet flats, skirts and blouses? Do you love bows, ribbons and pins? Is your make-up almost imperceptible and your look is mainly made up of light eyeshadows and nude lips?

The style that represents you is ROMANTIC. You are a very bon ton and feminine person, who gives a childish air to what you wear. You are a woman with a mild personality and delicate ways, who tiptoes into situations and often has difficulty asserting herself, making herself listened to and detaching herself from critical situations. However, you are also an outgoing and cheerful person. A big dreamer, you dream of different lives, you are waiting for something to happen. Positivity and light-heartedness are your dominant characteristics. You love to dare, but always remaining in your comfort zone. You are the classic girl next door and a flexible woman, who easily adapts to situations without opposing.


Are you one of those women who loves classic, simple and essential style? Do you dress mainly in shades of beige, gray and blue, as well as the classic black and white colors? Scarves can't be missing from your wardrobe and do you love pearls? Do you opt for roomy bags and feminine but comfortable shoes? Is your make-up almost non-existent, mostly natural? Details, frills, embroidery are not for you, do you find them useless?

So yes... your style can only be MINIMAL. You are a moderate, not daring woman with well-mannered and respectful behavior. Yours is a sober and calm personality, but also strong: you are a reliable person and faithful to your principles. If you are a female leader, you will most likely lean towards this style. You like to play with what you know, but you always have to maintain precise points of reference. You can only be an orderly and rigorous person.


Are you a woman who can't do without jeans and sneakers? Does your wardrobe consist mainly of comfortable items (sweaters and t-shirts) and you don't pay much attention to beauty? You don't even know what make-up is?

Yours is a PRACTICAL, sporty and comfortable style . You are the type of woman who cares more about others than about herself and has an innate desire to help others. You dress practically to move with agility and do your best for others. You don't take much care of your femininity and you don't care about aesthetics: a choice that would seem motivated by lack of time. Or is it simply an excuse? Your priorities are to dedicate yourself to your family and others. You don't have a flashy personality and tend to love contact with nature. However, you are a person who is very attentive to technical and practical details, as opposed to the more aesthetic ones, which you find uncomfortable and clash with your simplicity.


Do you love all that glitters, gold and crystal? Are your favorite colors the intense ones, red, fuchsia and black? Can't you do without high heels and absolutely can't leave the house without make-up? Do you prefer stretch fabrics and statement lace like macramé? Your bags never go unnoticed, are they noticeable even from afar?

Well, I would say that you are the type of woman who likes herself and wants others to like her, who often looks in the mirror. A woman with GLAMOR style. You take great care of your makeup, especially your lips, which are often painted, and for a more intense look you use long false eyelashes.

Yours is a very feminine and sensual personality. You like to relate to others even if you give the impression of being an unsociable, somewhat detached person. You carry yourself proudly and speak with a studied rhythm.


Are you someone who cares a lot about your look and beauty? Do you like playing with your image and changing it often following current trends? Are you crazy about those Begum Slingback pumps by Amina Muaddi that you saw worn by Chiara Ferragni and dream of making them yours? Can your wardrobe never be without a trendy item or accessory launched during the last fashion week?

So yes, you are truly a fashion addict! You love to dare and experiment with new styles, you are creative, but within the right measure. Yours is an eccentric style, but not excessively so. You have an open and extroverted personality, you like learning new things, having new experiences.

You most likely belong to this category if you are a teenage girl who has not yet developed her own personal style and follows current trends, taking fashion influencers or showbiz women as her main models.

Have you seen yourself in one of these styles? Do you find it matches your personality? Let me know in the comments below.

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Author: ThePoshSister

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