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Good morning and Bismillah!

The name that people usually associate with my face is Milanpyramid (IG link) , but let me reveal to you, as in reality it is simply an artistic way to tell you my story. My real name is AYA ! Yes, a very common name, especially among Egyptians hahaha . It's no coincidence that it's where I was born.

I am a political science student in Milan because I like to complicate my life with questions like: "why is the United States of America a nation of democratic and economic success while neighboring Mexico is not?". But about three years ago I started a hobby that led me to be here today, that is, a blog, mine: MILANPYRAMID. That name for me means the union between where I was born and where I grew up. When I opened it, my goal was to tell my experience as a Muslim girl who wears the hijab , in a society like the Italian one.

I think we have an important responsibility to defeat the stereotypes and prejudices that exist about us as Muslim women , as well as those about the Islamic community. But don't worry I'm not always so serious!

I'm also passionate about fashion and make - up so expect a lot of content on that. I believe it is essential to be able to have a place for us girls where we can share advice and discuss our daily lives, in fact I thank Keltoum and Fatiha very much for the enormous work they are doing for our community.

The first time I met them was online thanks to an interview for Striscia la Notizia! It was a report on Modest Fashion where they participated as a shop and I made a short speech as a blogger. A year later we had the opportunity to spend a wonderful evening together, at the first Next Generation Italy event , where we bonded , so much that they managed to convince me to participate in the 2018 GMI Conference, where for 4 days we laughed , cried and even shared a bath together.

Today I can consider them among my dearest friends, I have great respect and admiration for them! Baraka Allahu Fihum , I hope this is just the beginning of a great journey.

So please, if you are curious to know what I have to say about the world of beauty and much more, stay tuned <3

Aya Mohamed

Instagram : MilanPyramid

Email :

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