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My name is Sara and I define myself as a fashion lover .

I love everything related to fashion : keeping up to date with trends , reinterpreting them, expressing my personality through what I wear , I enjoy creating looks by combining style , religiosity and current trends .

All that glitters is not gold, when I became a teenager and started wearing the hijab , I encountered the first difficulties in finding suitable garments to create looks that respected my new choice . So, out of necessity, a careful search began among shops and markets to create looks in which I could feel comfortable, feel like myself.

So, perhaps by chance or by passion, I found myself creating my own outfits modest , with the strong desire to best express the person I am .

Precisely for this reason, as soon as I had the opportunity , it was almost natural for me to decide to undertake an advanced training course in Fashion Design in Milan.

This then allowed me to be part of the prestigious Islamic Fashion and Design Council , as a contact for Italy, and to participate in the organization of Modest fashion shows in Turin and Milan, with talented designers from all over the world . An opportunity that I consider both a burden and an honor .

Last year, almost for fun I decide to make my IG page active and useful to other girls with the same needs as me , combining our religiosity with Italian style and taste . So, I started sharing what I've been doing for years now: selecting modest pieces which can be easily found in shops and to propose outfit ideas , in line with current fashion trends.

I think that beauty is not exclusive and should be shared . In my small way , I think that fashion is one of the many ways to express beauty, the one that every woman possesses. I therefore decided to start a new stimulating training path in Image consultant and Personal Shopper at the Carla Gozzi academy .

Now, with this Blog I hope to be able to convey my passion to you and share with you some style tips and look proposals , as well as keeping you updated on the latest trends and the development of the Modest F ashion in Italy .

What binds me to Hijab Paradise?

I have known Hijab Paradise on social media and I had the pleasure of meeting the fantastic girls who created them several times of this project, both in - store and virtual .

I admire the great commitment and tenacity with which Fatiha and Keltoum , day after day , carry on their business. Hijab Paradise is for a long time now my point of reference for the purchase of veils , the essential accessories to complete my outfits .

It is therefore easy and spontaneous for me to share a piece of the road with them so that Modest Fashion in Italy becomes increasingly established .

Don't forget #staymodeststaystylish

Sara Aslaoui

Instagram : ThePoshSister

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