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Il gatto che ha cambiato la mia vita

The cat that changed my life

I would like to tell my story of how I put on the veil.

My story of how I decided to veil begins when I was 12 years old and I started thinking about this choice as a way to get closer to God . This thought arose when I walked through the doors of a mosque for the first time. However, at that time, I didn't have the courage to wear it, fearing being judged differently at school, especially considering the onset of Islamophobia in Italy.

This desire to wear the veil has never left me, and every year I promised myself that it would be the year in which I would make this important choice. But I lacked the courage .

I worried excessively about what people would think, such as: "she was forced by her father" or "poor thing".

Everything changed during my first year of my master's degree when I adopted a cat , Pelusce. This little furry companion has turned my life upside down in ways I never imagined. It taught me so much about life itself and has become an essential part of me . We shared six wonderful years together. Pelusce slept with me, he knew when I came home from work, he gave me kisses and hugs. He was my little baby.

Then, on September 4, 2023, I received news I never could have imagined. My neighbor called to tell me that Pelusce had been hit by a car and died .

It was the most painful day of my life, but also a moment of rebirth.

From that day I decided that I would never leave home without my veil again. I took the first veil I had, the one I used for prayers, put on a long shirt and went shopping for clothes appropriate for a hijabista. Pelusce was my sabbath . Thanks to him, I found the courage to wear the veil.

Life is ephemeral, and we are only passing through this world. Our true life will be in paradise (in sh'allah). And even though this concept was in my mind, it was only Pelusce who really made me understand it Subhanallah . I hope to go to Jannah and see my beloved kitten there again. His presence in my life was truly a special gift.

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Are you ready to share your story of how you decided to wear the hijab?

Your testimony might help girls who are considering the idea of ​​wearing the Hijab , offering them an authentic and real point of view. Besides, they might as well promote greater understanding and acceptance within our communities and society at large .

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