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Il velo che illumina - la storia di Assia

The veil that illuminates - the story of Hesse

HI! I decided to share my story of how I first wore the headscarf, since I know how much it helps, Inshallah.

I started wearing the veil two months after I turned 19, shortly after I graduated and started university. October 20, 2020. I remember that day very well with pleasure.

During the years of adolescence I was always firm on the thought why the veil was something compromising, an obstacle in a woman's life and an element that could diminish her, make her smaller in the eyes of others . I didn't like it especially aesthetically, I was very impressed by the image they gave of it on a social level in Italy and I would never have put myself in the situation of having to explain to others every time that in reality I am not like the women with the veil they show off . It was a reality that I wanted to stay away from me.

I underline that for me the veil was an element separate from religion. I had faith close to my heart. I just wasn't aware enough of it.

When I started the fifth year of high school, I began to very spontaneously change my way of thinking towards many points of Islam. From the Ramadan Before I started training to improve myself in front of Allah . With the start of my last year of school, I began to often evaluate my way of dressing and the outfits to wear. Even today I cannot explain well the how and why of this radical mental change, especially having only Italian best friends and not attending the mosque. (My mother says they were her Duaa, I like to think it was exactly that✨).

At the end of February the pandemic began and all of a sudden I found myself locked up at home between online lessons and social media. At that time, TikTok found its popularity and I, like everyone, started using it. In the meantime, I was discussing the veil and religion issue with a dear friend of mine, trying to think about it a bit, and we started looking for cheap veils to buy online.

On TikTok and Instagram, "Hijabistas" began to go viral around the world. This popularity allowed me to finally have a totally different image of women and girls with veils. Beautiful girls, with many qualities and talents.

This convinced me even more to start wearing it, with the idea that it would not have been an obstacle in my life, but a potential tool to enhance myself and give me strength in what I believe.

Before the veil it was very important for me to learn to be consistent in performing other religious duties. Once I achieved my goals I was officially convinced. I only talked about it with my mother, who was happy about it.

For months I tried it on myself and tried it again. I only had an old black mosque veil. I watched the tutorials and tried it on without ever getting tired, to get used to seeing myself in it and to make sure I felt good in it.

Unfortunately, however, there was a problem. A few months later I had to take the final exam and for many years my teachers had known me as the girl with the long hair. I was very afraid that the veil would affect my exam, so I decided to postpone the decision.

The summer passed, and a morning in October, while I was getting ready to go to sushi with some friends, I decided at the last minute , before going out, to wear the veil, on impulse. I did it. That day I really didn't know how to handle the veil and it makes me smile. But I was extremely happy about it. I went out without saying anything to my mother who, however, saw me from the window and sent me a message congratulating me.

I didn't feel judged in the slightest. In fact, nothing changed at all. I felt like the same Assia.

I was, and still am, lucky enough to have some extremely supportive Italian friends who never once made me feel at fault for this choice. On the contrary. One summer day during an aperitif it was they who said this to me "But Assia, and when will you finally wear the veil, being a Muslim?" Even though I had never talked about it with them.

My best friend, when I put it on, told me:

"The veil gives you an extra light, which is crazy";

another day he told me:

"The veil makes you cleaner, it's as if it shows that you are a good person."

I thank God every single day for this choice, which I have never regretted a single day. Today I am one with my veil. And I know I'm beautiful both without a veil and with 🤍

Do you want to get in touch with Assia? you can find her on instagram ---> assia.bensabeur

Are you ready to share your story of how you decided to wear the Hijab?

Your testimony might help girls who are considering the idea of ​​wearing the Hijab , offering them an authentic and real point of view. Besides, they might as well promote greater understanding and acceptance within our communities and society at large .

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