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La forza di una convinzione

The strength of a conviction

HI! I was very pleased to see this format, so I decided to tell you my story too.

I wore the Hijab two years ago now, during the Lockdown. I was in DAD math class, I was locked in my parents' room and I noticed my mother's veil . I don't know why a very strange sensation came over me, the first and last time I felt it. The fact is that I took the veil and tried it on in front of the mirror. I want to point out that I had intended to put it, but much later, in fact sometimes I had thoughts about not putting it at all . After trying it

I started crying due to that very strange feeling that I still can't explain.

I took my phone and wrote to my best friend: "I want to wear a veil" (I still have the message in my favorites).

From the next day I began to show myself wearing a veil during distance learning lessons. It was an immediate decision , without sitting there trying or thinking about it. The problem is that I thought my parents would fully support me , unfortunately that wasn't the case. My father, for example, kept sending me barbs like:

"You're better off without it, if you wear it you'll ruin yourself",

"But does it have to do with terrorism, why is it so sudden?"

Already in the first few days he urged me to take it off:

"You will never find work",

"You are still young",

“Why do you have to cover that beautiful hair, but take it off.”

In fact, the beginning was very difficult for me, certain sentences encouraged me to remove it. Luckily I had the full support of all my friends , who helped me a lot to continue on my path.

To this day I can say that it was the best choice of my life, despite everything. There's nothing better, frankly!

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