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La scelta di una donna libera - Moldava

The choice of a free woman - Moldavian

Hi halaline

Proud to be part of it too alhamdulillah❤️

I am Moldovan born Orthodox and in 2020 during the first pandemic I converted to Islam ❤️ I have always admired women with hijab .

At the beginning I was afraid to wear it, partly because of the judgment of others, because as a foreigner I had already experienced enough, partly for work, because my boss, when he found out that I had converted, made the joke to me that if I wore the hijab he would fire me . I had been an accountant in that company for 7 years...

Last year I bought my first hijab from you, white, for boyfriend, officially with my husband. Then subsequently we went in November to have the wedding in Morocco, so I decided to buy 3 more veils from you to wear them in Morocco.

I felt so at ease and admired in Morocco that when we returned I said: "I'll put it in Italy too", but for work, as I said, I couldn't. That is, let me explain better: I put it on, then before arriving at work, I parked, I took it off, then when I finished, I put it back on .

Until I found out I was pregnant and went on maternity leave, like that

I decided to put it forever Inshallah.

I showed up at work to greet my colleagues wearing the hijab, smiling and proud . I no longer care whether my boss wants to fire me or not. I am happy and free now and I feel beautiful .

Thank you for accompanying me throughout this period with the hijabs, the accessories, the beautiful clothes for Eid, the advice and tutorials of Hajar that I really like on TikTok.

Now I am a halalina and also an alhamdulillah mother

Are you ready to share your story of how you decided to wear the hijab?

Your testimony might help girls who are considering the idea of ​​wearing the Hijab , offering them an authentic and real point of view. Besides, they might as well promote greater understanding and acceptance within our communities and society at large .

We are curious to hear it, write it to us now on whatsapp ---> 331 906 3774 or by email to

The photo attached to this story is abstract and does not represent the author of the story.

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