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L'Islam: una nuova luce nella mia vita

Islam: a new light in my life

Islam entered my soul, brought a light again and I could not ignore it.

My name is Serena and I am an Italian girl born into a Christian family, or rather with a very Christian mother. My father became one when they chose to be evangelical Christians. I have always believed in God , I strongly experienced the search for God's presence and as a Christian I believed I had found it. Until difficult situations led me in 2015 to move away and question everything. I could no longer go to church and pray. I wondered if everything I did in my faith came from me or was influenced by those around me.

In 2016 I met my current husband of Tunisian origin. My first steps into Islam began the first time I came to Tunisia. The call to prayer, the great faith of my mother-in-law who knew how to transmit to me with her affection and with what she did in her day, gave rise to questions and a desire for knowledge in me. Without expectations from anyone, I started my journey by reading, watching seminars and asking questions to the imams in the mosque . Also thanks to an imam I continued my path, who gave me an inner peace that shook me inside.

I was trying to do Ramadan, but I still hadn't made a clear decision and I wasn't praying. I wanted to be 100% sure of my choice because I knew it would be forever. Last year I had my first Ramadan in Tunisia, where I decided to start praying. Things happened to me that only Allah swt could have guided . From there I felt like a Muslim, even though I was still too afraid of the judgment of others and my family, which is why I didn't say it.

In September 2022, this weight and the distance from my husband for work reasons put me to the test. I got down, stopped praying, and started feeling lost. In December I decide to speak with an imam and from there I rediscover the importance of the connection with Allah swt and resume prayers. But the fears of judgment continue to exist and even for work reasons I still don't find the courage to wear the hijab.

In March 2023 I leave my job for my 3 children and for my father who was not very well. There I begin to feel more strongly the weight of not being free to live my life as I want . I have a panic attack and from there I understand that my body was tired of containing all these fears. From the day after this event I tell myself

"Enough! Strength and courage, Allah swt is with me"

and I start wearing the hijab. Best decision I ever made!

And in the end I also realized that I had lived with too many unnecessary fears . It's true, often on the street there are those who look at me, there are those who ask questions or don't understand, but I calmly and respectfully explain my FREE choice. And even with my parents it wasn't as difficult as I thought. I had to discuss faith and false beliefs that she has towards Islam with my mother, but I managed to make her understand and accept my choice because it is MINE and they perceived it. I would never go back!

When I look in the mirror I like myself even more, I am proud of myself and I feel closer to Allah swt . I'm not ashamed of looking different. Even though my path is still long in knowledge and sometimes as a human being I am fragile, I have the awareness that I am stronger and can overcome any difficulty because Allah swt is with me!

Do you want to get in touch with this girl? you can find her on instagram ---> Sery.sun

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