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Una scelta di cuore e di coraggio

A choice of heart and courage

Assalamu alaikum.

I started wearing the veil in 2020.

Following the pandemic , I entered a very difficult crisis, to the point that I had lost interest in everything, I had a negative perception of reality.

This period was the most difficult period I have gone through in my life . I say alhamdulillah because this allowed me to hold on to my faith more.

In this dark moment, faith was my lifeline.

I already prayed and read the Koran, but sometimes in a distracted way. After this crisis I started to be more present in my prayer, because I needed to feel connected to my Creator and tell him everything that was hurting me.

The closer I got to Him, the more I trusted Allah.

The choice to wear the veil was a choice I had wanted to make for a very long time. It had crossed my mind since primary school, but I never found the courage . Maybe partly because I was afraid of other people's judgement, perhaps for fear of not finding a job or simply I wanted to feel ready. The reality is that we women will never feel ready enough , because that fear of being judged always remains.

After the pandemic , thanks also to the faith that saved me, I said to myself what's the point of postponing a choice, if I myself don't know if I'll be there tomorrow, and the pandemic was an example of this, how many young people left without even having imagined abandoning life so soon.

I thought about many aspects:

  • I told myself that people's judgment, whether I wear the veil or not, will always be there regardless.
  • Allah is al-Razzaq and my rizq is already prescribed. What's the point of worrying about not finding work if Allah takes care of me?
  • I tried to imagine myself on judgment day and what Allah would think of me.

Reflecting on these things, Alhamdulillah I made the choice to put on the veil. And now I've been wearing it for 4 years Alhamdulillah.

Are you ready to share your story of how you decided to wear the hijab?

Your testimony might help girls who are considering the idea of ​​wearing the Hijab , offering them an authentic and real point of view. Besides, they might as well promote greater understanding and acceptance within our communities and society at large .

We are curious to hear it, write it to us now on whatsapp ---> 331 906 3774 or by email to

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