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Yasmin, un inno alla libertà di scelta

Yasmin, a hymn to freedom of choice

Assalam aleykoum,

My name is Yasmin and I am 12 years old. I am from Burkina Faso. I'm in the seventh grade in a multi-ethnic school.

I started wearing the veil a year ago, on the first day of sixth grade. I already wore it to go to my uncles' house, but back then it was just a beauty accessory for me. I saw my mother combining the various colors of veils with her beautiful abayas and I fell in love with it.

The first day I wore it to school I admit I was worried about what my friends and teachers would think, because they had never seen me with a headscarf. I also know that there are people who despise veils, but that hasn't discouraged me from wearing them. Plus, my mother had made all her veils available to me.

When I got to school, I was scared, but my classmates complimented me on how good I looked. Even though I was the only veiled one in the entire institute, despite the many Muslims from many different countries, and not even the high school students wore it, this didn't discourage me. In fact, I felt special. The only feedback I had at school was with the gym teacher, who always scolded me, saying that the headscarf bothered me. But he didn't hinder me in any way and I knew well that he was just one of those who despise the Islamic veil. I made him understand that I would not remove the veil in any way, also because I have the support of my parents.

Apart from this episode, I have always done well in school. But when I walk around with my mother, some people ask her why I already wear the veil or discreetly address me and ask if I was forced to wear it. In those moments I would like to say something to her, but I remember that my mother always responds with a smile saying that it is my choice and that everyone needs freedom of choice. So, I just reply with a smile.

I honestly don't see myself going out of the house without a veil anymore. I also wear it to take the waste out of the door and honestly I feel complete when I go out veiled. Little bonus: I no longer have to struggle with my unruly curls every morning. ☺️

I sincerely hope that everyone will have the freedom to choose, as I have had. But above all, don't let anyone influence you. If you really want to put it, do it. And if you don't feel like wearing it yet, never mind. It doesn't mean that you aren't good Muslims, just that the time hasn't come yet.

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