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Yasmine - un segno di fede e coraggio

Yasmine - a sign of faith and courage

Hi, my name is Yasmine and I'm 15 years old. I have been wearing the hijab for 1 and a half years (I put it on a few days before Ramadan 2022).
I never wanted to wear the hijab. In fact, when a year ago my classmates asked me if I would like to wear it, I said no and that I didn't like it. But then one day I fell in love with Islam and started watching videos of girls wearing hijabs and videos about Islam in general. So I started trying on the hijab more and more often. One day I finally told my mother that I wanted to wear the hijab. My mother asked me if I was sure. I was very sure I wanted to wear it. Then my mother told me that she was very happy and that, in any case, even if I changed my mind, she would always be on my side. So I told her that I would start wearing it like when going to the grocery store and stuff like that.
Then one Sunday I told my mother that maybe I would start wearing it permanently the next day at school. Then I changed my mind because there was this little boy who was a bit of a bully. But then on the same day I went outside to refresh my thoughts and asked Allah to send me a "sign", like a strong gust of wind, if I should put it. SubhanAllah, after a few seconds there was a gust of wind. The next day I put on my hijab to go to school, alhamdulillah.

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