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For inclusion in, with operational and registered office in Via Cervese, 381 - Cesena. We are looking for photographers with experience who are also capable of developing medium-level graphic products. If interested, send CV to


  • Be able to use a professional digital camera *
  • Know the use of lenses and filters to obtain the desired effects
  • Know how to use a tripod and lighting equipment

Setting up the photographic set, in the studio or outdoors

Check the requirements of a particular assignment :

  • decide on the type of camera, lights and background accessories needed
  • take into account all possible atmospheric, spatial and/or light conditions
  • search for suitable locations for shots both indoors and outdoors
  • the composition of the photograph, calibrate the equipment if necessary, to photograph the subject
  • bring the equipment to the location, place or event, set up the lights, know how to determine the correct exposure of the shot


Photograph all types of subjects and events

  • Study
  • Portraits
  • Still life
  • Ecommerce Products

Catalog and optimize digital files:

  • know how to use the computer to manipulate images, using photo editing software, such as Photoshop, Light room
  • adapt existing images and create new digitized ones so that they can be included in multimedia products;
  • maintain consistency between images in terms of colors and lights;

Always keep yourself updated on the latest fashions and developments and progress regarding photographic techniques and material.


Choose carefully

  • colors, images, animations, type and size of font for the text
  • identifies the most effective creative solution to graphically represent the message


  • empathy
  • passion and artistic talent
  • attention to detail
  • communication and interpersonal skills
  • communicate clearly so as to present and support your ideas, knowing how to listen to understand the needs of the team
  • demonstrate good management of relationships with teammates
  • solicit and provide feedback
  • be able to collaborate with other departments
  • organizational and management skills:
  • be able to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment
  • know how to manage multiple projects of varying complexity
  • be very responsible, reliable and organised
  • know how to solve problems that may arise during the development of the project
  • availability to move based on work needs and work for photographic services.


Have excellent technical knowledge:

  • Photoshop
  • Light Room
  • Illustrator
  • In Design

Competence in use

  • Microsoft Office Suite


  • Excellent knowledge of the Italian language
  • Distinct knowledge of the English language
  • Domicile/residence in Cesena or in the immediate vicinity


  • If you have experience, we ask that it be indicated in your CV, otherwise if you have no experience, simply attach work you have done


  • Italian (Required)
  • English (Preferred)
  • Arabic (Preferred)

Smart working:

  • No


  • Full time 40 hours per week with apprenticeship contract - with working hours from: Monday to Saturday.
  • Fourteen monthly payments.

Deadline for submitting applications: 08/30/2021

If interested, send CV to