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Our History

Hijab Paradise - Small steps... They are better than no steps!
Hijab Paradise intends to be the point of reference for Muslim women in Italy, the shop was born from an entrepreneurial idea by Keltoum Kamal Idrissi and Fatiha Mourad i, given the need of women who wear the veil in Italy to have a refined space and elegant place dedicated to fashion where you can see, touch and try on clothes, to be 100% satisfied . The search for garments with a fresh, youthful style and in step with Western fashion does not make us forget the importance of keeping alive the precepts on which Islamically correct clothing is based.
Hijab Paradise is a treasure chest that contains precious clothes and accessories to inspire every woman with an elegant and refined look, to always be trendy on every occasion, offering proposals for work, for ceremonies, events and important occasions, always counting on articles of quality and level . Our goal is to involve Muslim women in a journey between fashion and refinement , between style and modernity. We select the garments with care, to offer refined clothes and accessories in line with the latest fashion trends.
Every customer who walks through the doors of Hijab Paradise experiences a unique and personalized shopping experience based on their style and needs. Our style is unmistakable for garments which, despite the peculiarity of the materials linked to the seasons, differ in their originality, in the combination of colours, materials, and last but not least, in the excellent quality-price ratio.
Thanks to the attention to new technologies, our offers extend nationally via social media (Facebook, Instagram) and soon also via a website dedicated to online shopping to satisfy customers promptly and professionally by providing a unique and exclusive service .
Our faith is a fundamental point in offering you efficiency , professionalism and courtesy . The road is still long, but the important thing is to run on the right one, we trust in your support after the support of Allah ta'ala, to keep us firmly on the right path starting from a style of clothing that conforms to both our faith than with the environment around us.
We are waiting for you in Bologna, in Via del Borgo Di San Pietro 132/E, for info +39 331 906 3774,
Team: Hijab Paradise ®