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Good morning and BismIllah!

We would all like to have perfect skin without imperfections and without having to take care of it too much, it would be a dream! But I assure you that this goal is not like that
impossible to reach. Today I will give you some indications on how to succeed
create your ideal skin care routine:

Understand your skin type-
There are mainly 4 skin types: oily/oily, dry, normal and sensitive . Obviously there are people who may have combination skin which in some areas is oily while in others it is dry. If you wake up with a shiny nose then maybe you have an oily skin type, while if you have a shiny face
gets irritated easily with new products and is probably sensitive.

Understand what you want to improve-
Do you suffer from acne? Or would you like to start treating the first appearances of aging? It doesn't have to be a blemish, maybe you just want to hydrate your face more.

Nutrition is the key-
Having healthy eating habits not only helps our entire body but also the largest organ we have: our skin!
Unfortunately we often forget how what we eat also looks on our faces.

These 3 steps are fundamental to understanding what can then be applied
outwardly on your skin. OR

there are so many products that can
be confusing to select the correct ones for us, and we can get lost
in the length of all these steps to follow and not understanding what we really need.
So now I reveal to you the essential minimum for daily care:

1. Cleansing -
at the end of the day after having been in contact with the world, the pollution, and maybe even having put on make-up, it is important to wash away all these impurities! If you wear make-up often, I recommend a double cleansing which consists of a first oil-based wash (to dissolve make-up) and a second which cleans everything (it can be a gel, a foam or a milk). I only do this step in the evening!

2. Exfoliation -
Everyone liked to mix a little sugar and honey and rub it on their face thinking they would have miraculous results, in reality all these "DIY" scrubs are extremely harmful! If you want to use a scrub, look for something delicate and only twice a week. While if you prefer a chemical exfoliation, I think products containing glycolic or lactic acid are better.

3. Hydration -
In all these steps you must apply products suitable for your skin type and the problem you want to treat, but it is even more essential here. Hydration is essential, it is the moment in which you give your face all the nutrients it needs to repair itself in the evening, or face the day of

4. Sunscreen-
You will ask me why apply sunscreen when we are neither in summer nor at the seaside? 90% of premature skin aging is caused by the sun. Additionally, the sun's rays tend to darken any blemishes/scars left over from pimples or acne. Lap sunscreen should be applied every day, even if it rains and even if you have a dark complexion!

This is the basis for starting to take care of your skin, you are never too young or too old to love yourself a little more every day!

Author: MilanPyramid

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