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Come la nostra alimentazione influenza la nostra pelle?

How does our diet affect our skin?

Good morning and BismIllah,

I'm here once again to talk to you about how important it is to take care of our skin! Whether you don't use any facial products or you're a skin care fanatic, it's important to keep in mind how what we eat affects the state of our face. Often many of the problems that appear on the surface are due to an irregular diet or unhealthy habits. However, this means that it is very easy to cure these issues by avoiding certain foods or improving certain tendencies.

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I remind you that obviously I am not a dermatologist or a nutritionist, I am simply speaking to you from my personal experience, I would like to give you some ideas to think about and experiment with in case you are experiencing difficulty with your skin before resorting to intensive treatments. However, if you have serious problems I strongly recommend you consult with experts.
As many of us probably know, our DNA dictates most of the characteristics of our skin and its future but there are some variables that depend on external factors such as products, stress, climate and indeed diet! For example, my mother never had acne problems while I went through a very difficult period with this skin disease. I have tried many experiments, even together with dermatologists, but I got the best results when I paid attention to what I eat.
Many people have found that by cutting dairy out of their diet, their acne has calmed down dramatically, and for me it did. For a certain period of time I tried not to eat any animal products and my skin reacted very positively to this change. Not only did the acne reduce enormously but my skin was more even and elastic.

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Still regarding acne, if this is not due to hormonal causes, foods containing high percentages of hydrogenated and saturated fats can often cause many of the temporary skin imperfections that appear. A diet rich in omega 3 and omega 6 (good fats) is very healthy for us, but in this case I mean talking about fats that we find in snacks, chips, chocolate, etc. It is very subjective how our skin reacts to certain foods, in fact for example my skin is very sensitive to dairy products but it is not sensitive to fatty foods.
Not only can acne be the result of an unstable eating habit, in fact imperfections such as swelling, redness, skin that is too dry, not very elastic or shows signs of premature aging can be linked to our digestive system. So where to start?
- First of all, let's remember how important it is to keep ourselves hydrated, drinking lots of water also helps cleanse our body of harmful toxins that can lead to serious imperfections

- We pay attention to what we don't eat, are we getting all the vitamins and minerals we need? Is it a full and complete diet or are we missing something?
- We pay attention to the problems of our skin, we research which foods can be the cause and what happens if we avoid them temporarily.
- The last piece of advice is actually linked to the habit itself, do we eat too late in the evening? don't we give our body time to digest properly?

That's all for today! I hope this little idea is useful for improving your skin, let's remember that it is the largest organ we have and that taking care of ourselves is a form of self-love.

And you? Have you ever noticed how your skin reacts when you eat too much chocolate?

Author: MilanPyramid

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