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I tuoi capelli soffrono sotto il velo?

Does your hair suffer under the veil?

Is your hair suffering under the veil?

Good morning and BismIllah!

It's super fun to match different Hijab colors and fabrics every day, though maybe
then when we get home and uncover our heads the fun passes. Many of
we suffer from various problems both with the scalp and the hair itself.
Obviously I am neither a dermatologist nor a trichologist but I can give you some
advice from my personal experience!

Covering your hair has many positive sides , for example: we avoid everything
pollution and smog from affecting the health of our hair, we protect them from
sun and heat, minimizing the damage caused by high and ultimately non-high temperatures
are altered by air humidity.
However, the way in which we tie our hair under the veil, the bonnet/headband that
we use and the type of Hijab fabric we wear may cause some
difficulty in the healthy growth of our hair. Through surveys done on
instagram a few months ago I realized that we all find more or less
the same problems: excessive hair loss, dandruff, weak, damaged, lack of
volume, receding hairline, dryness, thinning, not very thick, etc. etc.

So I did some research and experimented on my own head to help you
give some advice!

  1. Understand your hair type! Each of us must try to pay attention to our hair and understand its shape and characteristics. I recommend the porosity test and the table below.
  2. A nice cut doesn't hurt anyone ! Legend has it that when veiled girls take off their veils they discover this bright, silky, kilometer-long hair in the wind... and well, no! Love yourself and love your hair as it is. Often cutting them is the solution to help them to be reborn and regain some vitality and volume.
  3. No more buns! Pulling your hair and putting all your weight on the back of your neck is the easiest way to get a receding hairline and stress the hair so much that it breaks, which is why it falls out so much. I recommend keeping them loose, braiding them or at least using silk hair ties which are very healthy and gentle.
  4. Let your mind breathe! Using caps and headbands suffocates our scalp and makes our hair very dry. I advise you to minimize the times you wear them. Plus, if you have to spend many hours with your head covered, you could really help your hair if you pop into the bathroom every now and then and let it down.
  5. Let's avoid the heat! I don't have to tell you that hairdryers and...
    plates hurt, you already know that by now.
  6. Let's treat each other well ! Pay more attention to the products you use e
    start caring for your hair with special treatments that aim to
    feed them intensively. It will be the key to seeing them beautiful and healthy again.

This is all from my personal experience, but I'm sure each of us
she has some of her grandmother's remedies to share with the others. Listen to me
Share it too in the comments or on Instagram!

Author: MilanPyramid

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